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Physiotherapy Hospital in Chennai. Our team at ASTRA Specialty provides exceptional patient-centered outpatient physical therapy with a focus on sports medicine, orthopaedic, neurologic and pelvic floor and women’s health services.

When the body turns out badly, the negative impacts are mental just as physical. Having damage can very frequently carry with it the dread of re-damage, uneasiness about coming back to game or work and disappointment at our bodies’ frailties.

Physiotherapy Specialists @ Astra Hospital’s know about this and from long stretches of experience and furnish you with a cautious clarification of your concern and instruction about how it is best overseen.

As a result, We confidence to get back normal position, and helps to live your life happily.

Conditions and Treatments

  • Joint problems (shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle and foot)
  • Mobility and balance impairments
  • Neck and back pain
  • Neurological diagnosis such as chronic spinal disorders, stroke, brain injury, or spinal cord injury
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Recovery after surgery
  • Sports or athletic injuries


Soft tissue techniques

Astra Speciality, Physiotherapy Hospital in Chennai can give a scope of soft tissue methods went for decreasing tight, and overactive muscles, which can regularly be a wellspring of torment. Methods utilized incorporate deep tissue discharge, and trigger direct work toward the right and loosen up tight focuses in the muscle.

Joint manipulation and mobilisation

Manipulation and mobilisation of joints can be utilized to lighten firmness and reestablish function in a variety of both neck and back problems What’s more assembly of joints can help reestablish work following damage and after a Physiotherapy medical procedure.

Sports specific rehabilitation

Astra Hospital has a long history of giving a high level of rehabilitation to a variety of athletes from high level national and international sporting backgrounds. Recovery incorporates explicit and customized post-surgical programmes.

Ergonomic Assessments and Postural Advice

Weak stance and wrong movement patterns cause numerous musculoskeletal issues. Primarily a problem with multiple individuals who are required to sit at work areas and PCs for extended periods. Astra Hospital’s Physiotherapy experts to offer counsel on the right work-station set-up thus decline the pressure set on muscles and joints.


Numerous musculoskeletal issues and in particular chronic pain that has been present for a long time can be difficult to treat because of poor expectations and incorrect levels of exercise. Best Physiotherapy Hospital in Chennai plans to instruct you on the right dimension with respect to exercise and action to benefit as much as possible from your recuperation.

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